How to Dispose of Paint Cans in Michigan

There are a few different ways to dispose of paint cans in Michigan. The first and most common way is to take them to a local recycling center. Many centers will have a designated spot for paint cans.

If you can’t find a specific location for paint cans, check with the attendant to see where they should be placed. Some centers may also accept empty paint cans for recycling. Another option is to contact your local waste management company to see if they offer pick-up services for hazardous materials like paint cans.

Some companies will charge a fee for this service, but it’s usually worth it to avoid having to dispose of the cans yourself. If you’re unable or unwilling to recycle or properly dispose of your paint cans, you can always leave them out with your regular trash on garbage day. However, it’s important to make sure that the cans are completely empty and dry before putting them in your garbage can.

Otherwise, they could leak and cause a mess.

  • Find your local Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) office
  • Call the DEQ office and inquire about their paint can disposal policies and procedures
  • Follow the DEQ’s instructions for disposing of your paint cans
  • Once you have disposed of your paint cans, be sure to recycle any other materials associated with them, such as lids or labels
How to Dispose of Paint Cans in Michigan


-Where Can I Take Paint Cans for Disposal

There are a few different ways to dispose of unwanted paint cans, depending on the type and amount of paint you need to get rid of.

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If you have a small amount of latex paint that is still usable, your best bet is to donate it to a local thrift store, Habitat for Humanity ReStore, or other similar organizations. These types of stores typically accept unopened containers of paint in good condition.

Another option for disposing of latex paint is to take it to a hazardous waste facility. This should be done with any latex paint that is old or no longer usable. To find the nearest hazardous waste facility, you can use the Earth911 tool.

Simply enter “paint” and your zip code into the search bar and a list of facilities will pop up. Be sure to call ahead and check what their regulations are as some only accept certain types or amounts of paint per visit. If you have oil-based paints that you need to get rid of, these must be disposed of at a special hazardous waste facility as they cannot be donated like latex paints can.

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When it comes to paint cans, many people are unsure of how to dispose of them properly. If you live in Michigan, there are a few different options available to you. One option is to take the paint cans to a local hazardous waste facility.

This is the best way to ensure that the paint will be disposed of properly and won’t end up in a landfill. Another option is to contact your local recycling center and see if they accept paint cans. Some centers will recycle the metal from the cans, while others may not be able to recycle them at all.

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Finally, you can also try to find a company that specializes in recycling paint cans. These companies usually have special equipment that allows them to safely recycle the contents of the cans.

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